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Shared Memories Gift Certificates

How it Works - Its so easy and so quick!




       a Shared Memories       
Gift Certificate 


       their Gift Certificate      
      by email or mail     


online at Shared Memories
and redeem their Gift Certificate


How it Works

It may be a wedding, a birthday or any special occasion. From "Congratulations" to "Thinking of You", we’ll deliver your Gift Certificate and Message in style.
Add a personal message with your own special touch. Here you can add links to any products that you think your recipient will love.
Select the amount of your gift. No matter the amount - your gift will be much appreciated by the lucky recipient!
For immediate gratification, email the Shared Memories Gift Card directly to your recipient. For the personal touch, send it to yourself to print and deliver in person.
Complete your purchase and congratulate yourself for finding the perfect gift in under five minutes.

What happens at the Recipient end.

Your recipient receives an email with your gift certificate. If you prefer to deliver it in person, just print the certificate yourself.

Your recipient browses the Shared Memories online shop. If you have included links to products on the Gift Card they can go directly to these products.

Your recipient makes their purchase using there Gift Certificate redemption code. They can redeem some now and more later if they want, or spend it all in one go. The choice is all theirs.


The Shared Memories Gift Certificate means you can always be a great gift giver - even at the last minute.
That’s because you’re giving the gift card that offers them a choice